Contents of the Cornerstone

Reported in the Iola Register
September 3, 1903

     "The ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone of the handsome new Presbyterian Church was conducted at the site, corner of Madison and Buckeye streets yesterday, September 2, 1903 at 4 o'clock before a large crowd.

Contents of the Church Cornerstone

1)  One copy of "The Southwest Developer"
2)  One copy of "The Kansas Derrick"
3)  Copies of "The Interior"
4)  One copy of "The Presbyterian"
5)  One copy of "The Herald and Presbyter"
6)  One copy of "The Presbyterian Review"
7)  Copies of "The Forward"
8)  Copies of "The Sabbath School Visitor"
9)  Copies of "The Morning Star"
10)  Copies of "The Sunbeam"
11)  One copy of "The Westminster Teacher"
12)  One copy of "The Westminster Normal Quarterly"
13)  A copy of "The Westminster Home Department Quarterly"
14)  A copy of "The Westminster Senior Quarterly"
15)  A copy of "The Westminster Intermediate Quarterly"
16)  A copy of "The Primary Westminster Quarterly"
17)  Copies of "The Westminster Lesson Leaf"
18)  Copies of "The Westminster Junior Lessons"
19)  Westminster Lesson Cards
20)  The Catechism for Young Adults
21)  The Shorter Catechism
22)  The Presbyterian Handbook, 1903
23)  The Manual and Rules of the Presbytery of Neosho
24)  A copy of "The Assembly Herald"
25)  A copy of "Woman's Work for Women"
26)  A copy of "Over Sea and Land"
27)  A copy of "The Home Mission Monthly"
28)  Copies of "The Emporia Messenger"
29)  A copy of "lola Illustrated"
30)  The Bible
31)  A Confession of Faith
32)  Some coin of 1903
33)  A roster of the officers of the U.S., State of Kansas, Allen County, lola Township, City of lola August 18, 1903, Compiled by Cap Stover.
34)  A history of "The Little Builders Mission" written by Ida Beam Jones
35)  A list of church membership
36)  A list of Pastors, the Deacons and the Trustees who have served the Presbyterian Church with the building committee, cornerstone committee, the architect, the contractor and the contracting mason.
37)  The charter list of church membership
38)  A report from the Woman's Home Mission Society
39)  A list of Sabbath School membership
40)  A report of the Home Sabbath School
41)  A report of the Prairie Dell Sabbath School
42)  A report of the Bassett Sabbath School
43)  A list of the teachers of lola
44)  A Silk Flag
45)  The Scripture that was read by Dr. Drake
46)  A picture and sketch of L.L. Northrup
47)  A picture and sketch of John W. Scott
48)  A picture and sketch of John M. Evans
49)  A picture and sketch of Dr. Drake
50)  A picture and sketch of Wm. Davis
51)  A picture and sketch of E. K. Lynn
52)  A picture and sketch of Mrs. Susan E. Post
53)  A picture and sketch of Rev. Coe Culbertson
54)  Two views of the old church
55)  A sketch of The History of the Presbyterian Church in lola
56)  The lola Daily Register
57)  The lola Daily Record
58)  The lola Friend Democrat
59)  A program of the Cornerstone exercises
60)  A list of things contained in this box"